3 steps to getting an EC2 Centos VM running

I’ve moved to EC2 thanks to the 1 year free Usage Tier Amazon offer. Even after the free year is up, the price should be on par with most decent Xen VPSes.

1. Once you’re at the AWS Management Console, launch a new instance and when picking your Amazon Machine Image (AIM), select a rightimage_CentOS with a star and make sure to create a key pair:


2. Instances don’t come with an externally reachable IP so you’ll need to assign one using the Elastic IPs menu:


3. Add an ACL for SSH:


That’s it! Now you can ssh into it with your key:


Some tidbits:

1. nginx cannot be run from RPMs with this image, you’ll need to compile it:

2011/09/13 14:11:12 [emerg] 2405#0: eventfd() failed (38: Function not implemented)
2011/09/13 14:11:12 [alert] 2404#0: worker process 2405 exited with fatal code 2 and can not be respawn

2. You may want to rewrite /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo to point to Centos mirrors (they’re pointing to Rightscale ones otherwise)